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" Growing up in Butte, Montana it was hard not to think that motorcycles
were cool. A town not unlike any other small western city, Butte had one
notable exception - it was also the hometown of one Robert Craig Knievel.
As an impressionable young boy, it was easy to be inspired by a larger-than-life man who one day would jump his XR-750 over school buses and cars on national TV, and the next be seen in the flesh driving around the streets of Butte. The man exuded "cool" and easily became somewhat of an idol to me. Motorcycles made an indelible impression on me then, as they do to this day, and it's in no small part because of Evel Knievel. My fondness of hot rods happened (as i suppose it does with most males) in my formative teenage years. Fuel by movies like Two - Lane Blacktop and American Grafitti, my fascination with street rods and muscle cars blossomed, and hasn't lessened with age. It was also as a young boy that I discovered a passion and a talent for creating art. What began as a child's scribblings and doodlings progressed through the years and eventually culminated in a Bachelors degree in Art from Montana State University - Billings. It was inevitable that these three passions would come together into the paintings I create today."

".... if I can't be an artist I'll be nothing." - John Steuart Curry

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